Pavement Repair

Pavement Repair & Road Repair

Permanent cold asphalt is now used for pavement repair across the US?

All across the US, contractors and DOTs have discovered the benefits of EZ STREET permanent cold asphalt. This revolutionary pavement repair product is designed for potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs. With EZ STREET permanent cold asphalt, pavement repairs and road repairs are guaranteed permanent the first time and are instantly ready for traffic.

Pavement repair with EZ STREET is simple. Imagine pavement repair with no mixing and no tack! Repair pavement in all weather conditions. This permanent cold asphalt works in water filled potholes and in cold weather.

Pavement repair from bulk or bags.

EZ STREET pavement repair asphalt is available in 35lb and 50lb bags nationwide at Ace Hardware, Ferguson Waterworks and several other locations. Also, the product is available in bulk across the country and stockpiles for months.

Environmentally Friendly Green Building Materials

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